Twitch Commands for The Doozy Show chat!

When you watch us stream you earn DoozyDollars.

How you ask?

  • Every 10 minutes watching you earn 5 DoozyDollars
  • After you have earned 150 DD you become a regular and you earn 1 DD extra every 10 minutes
  • Subscribers earn 10 DD per 10 minutes! That’s 1 DD per minute
  • When you follow you earn an extra 150 DD enough to make you a regular immediately
  • When you Subscribe you earn an extra 1000
  • Hosts earn an extra 50 DD each time they host

What can you spend your DD on?

  • Song Requests
  • Dueling
  • Boss Battles
  • SFX
  • Future Giveaways will also be entered using DD! So you can win actual stuff!

!doozydollars (see how many DoozyDollars you have. You get these just for watching the stream!)

Here are some of the commands you can use DD on, and some that cost ya nothing!


Wait, you can control the lights? You can! The colors depend on your level in chat so just type !lights in chat to see what you can use. You have the power!

Sound FX

We have a LOT of Sound Effects. As of this moment here is the current list. There may be more.. you never know.

!airhorn, !alright, !aww, !barb, !batwipe, !belongtome, !blah, !bogus, !bumbum, !chase, !chrono, !combobreaker, !comeout, !crickets, !crim, !crimsong, !dangerzone, !dickhead, !dixie, !doh, !doingwrong, !doit, !doozylaugh, !drama, !elcrim, !excellent, !excuseme, !fail, !fistsofury, !follow, !ftg, !fu, !gameover, !gbu, !goodday, !goodnews, !goteem, !hadouken, !haha, !halloween, !hello, !hey, !heydoozy, !highground, !holycow, !holyshit, !imout, !imperial, !jaws, !jeopardy, !jr, !jr2, !kamehameha, !kandy, !kitt, !laugh, !lurk, !lvlup, !lvlup2,  !meant2be, !meanwhile, !morecowbell, !myman, !no, !nochance, !order66, !over9000, !peckerwoods, !phrasing, !pickle, !pirate, !pure, !rekt, !rimshot, !rip, !saxy, !schwifty, !scream, !scum, !shutup, !sonicboom, !speedfeet, !stabber, !stfu, !stupid, !supersaiyan, !surprise, !tacos, !theme, !thunder, !tigeruppercut, !tmyk, !transformers, !trogdor, !trolololo, !twss, !uglybutt, !unlurk, !voltron, !water, !whua, !wiggle, !woodylaugh, !wrong, !wtf, !wtfx2, !wuba, !yanp, !yeah, !ygtt, !yippeekiyay

Told ya there were a lot.

Other Commands

Some of the following commands involve Doozy Dollars. What are Doozy
Dollars? They are the currency you earn from The Doozy Show by watching
the show (10 every 10 minutes), following (1000), subscribing (10000), raiding(500),
hosting (100), bitties (1000 per 100bitties)!

We use these Doozy Dollars for chat games, giveaways, and redeeming all kinds of things like asking questions, twitter and twitch follows, shoutouts, custom speak events and more!

!dd see how many Doozy Dollars you have!

!clip Automatically clip the last 30 seconds of the show! Link will get posted in chat.

!gamble (amount) Double or even Triple the amount of Doozy Dollars bet!

!gamble doozypot Every time someone loses 50% of their money goes into the Doozypot! Hit the lucky number and you win it all!  This command checks the current Doozypot amount.

!bombsquad Try and difuse the bomb and win a random amount of Doozy Dollars. Lose and the bomb blows you up, you lose a random amount of Doozy Dollars and you’re timed out in chat for 1 minute.

!doozyslots Spend 50 Doozy Dollars spin those emote slots and see if you can win!

!steal (target)Try and steal Doozy Dollars from another person in chat. If you get caught though you lose some Doozy Dollars!

!makeitrain Spend 250 Doozy Dollars to give everyone in chat 250 Doozy Dollars!

!rank to see your position in points and how many hours you’ve watched the show!

!rub then user name 😉

!topwatchers (see the top 5 viewers of the show)

!leaders (see top Doozy Dollar earners)

!uptime (see how long this stream has been going)

!quote add “the actual quote (add a quote from something we said on the stream. End it with -DoozyJr or -Skedoozy based on who actually said it)

!quote see a random quote

!discord get the invite link to join our Discord!

!followage see how long you’ve been following us!

!swag interested in Doozy Show merchandise? Hit that command to get that link!

!podcast get the link to our podcast!