Party Til U Die is a Twitch Sings Party Game Show!

The Game begins with three contestants in the party. But they won’t last long! The game will last five Rounds, or until we run out of contestants in the queue. Whichever comes first.

Each singer in the round will sing two songs  they will get to chose from that rounds Theme Wheel or they can instead choose to spin the Wheel of Wackiness. It won’t have a theme on it but it won’t have anything normal to sing on it either. You might get sing a Country Song in the style of a Metal Song or Gaga GooGoo singing a Lady Gaga song like a baby! Who knows!

But if you take the theme wheel you may get something much harder like Make Up A Rock Song About Leftovers In Your Fridge, the JMART Special, an 80’s song about Laundry, a Gospel song about Pringles! Who knows! 

Each week we also have two topics created for that weeks show at the beginning of the show by two people in chat! Be quick and use your channel points to get one before they get snatched up! Please only one per person.

You can also submit any ideas you have for themes here!

Each contestant will get one “F THAT" per game. They can use this “F THAT" when wheel lands on a theme they don’t want. The theme then immediately goes to the next contestant. This contestant can also say “F THAT" if they have one. If all three contestants happen to say “F THAT" the original contestant will have to sing the theme. Once you user your “F THAT" it is gone for the entire game.

Once the theme for a person is chosen that person has 60 seconds to choose a song once the mic has been passed to them. If the song is not up and loading before the 60 seconds is up the person starts losing points one point for every two seconds! People loading a duet will get a TAD bit of leeway, but this is totally up to Skedoozy and his heart of gold.

Each person gets to sing 2 songs per round. After each member has sung their 2 songs they will all get to beg for their precious little lives, or throw their other party members under the bus, then the Reaper, aka chat, will kill 1 party member!

The voting is done in a Twitch poll at the top of the chat.

In the case of a tie a wheel will be spun with the tied contestants names on it and whomever it lands on will be eliminated. HOWEVER, if the person has their “F THAT" left they can use it to save themselves, if the other person has their “F THAT" left it cancels out theirs and the original person dies and the contestant left standing loses their “F THAT".

When a party member dies, they are removed from the party and a new person from the queue will replace them and the party continues.

As the game winds up those entering the party late in the 5th round will get 10 points to make up for entering late and not having the opportunity to sing more songs.

The winner at then end of the night will be the singer with the most points!

How do you get points?!

Points can be awarded as follows.

  • Survive a round: 2 points
  • Hosts can award points at random for good performances, funny jokes, bad jokes, smelling nice, dressing up for the occasion, WHATEVER!
  • Mid Round Votes: 5 for 1st , 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd.
  • CHAT can award points using Doozy Duckets aka channel points at bottom of chat (they must enter the person getting the point and a reason for the point being awarded)

Please read:

While we do encourage a little smack talk amongst the contestants when it comes time to beg for your life, what we don’t want is for people to take this to far. First and foremost Twitch TOS must be followed. Being aggressive, mean spirited, and insulting toward anyone in the party or chat will not be tolerated. Gender wars, slander, intolerance, or racism, will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun and there are plenty of ways to do that without making anyone feel uncomfortable.   

Sign up for the next show here!
Suggest a theme for the show here!