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Episode 14: Streamers Choice Award: Best Twitch Podcast

We made up our own awards and gave us the Best Twitch Podcast award!
Wooo thank you so much for all who voted. In this episode we talk about
Twitch VIP’s, New Twitch Revenue Officer, the death of Twitch selling
games, and the Twitch/CBS made up awards show ( Plus Social Media esperiments and how Skedoozy learned a lesson!

About The Podcast

Streamer’s Sanctuary is a podcast about Twitch streaming, by Twitch streamers. The show is focused on bringing you tips, help, and suggestions on making your stream better. We will have interviews with streamers to share their tips as well. Along with all that we’ll also talk about Twitch and gaming news.

The show is hosted by Skedoozy from The Doozy Show, and iAmCrim! You can check out their Twitch channels below.

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